Plainfield Business Spotlight - Uptown

Plainfield’s downtown district boasts of a balanced mix of established and newly opened businesses. From restaurants, to ice cream shops and home decor boutiques, stop by, grab a Lushee and enjoy our town!

Plainfield's Oldest Bar

When you go out to eat and drink, you want to go where the locals go. Nestled in the heart of Plainfield’s Historic downtown, Uptown is a local favorite offering something for everyone, from great beer on tap, to delicious food, live music and live sports. Outdoor Patios are open daily.

Home of the Lusheez

Talk about originality. Uptown launched the first of its kind here in Plainfield, the adult slushies with a variety of unique and ever changing flavors. 


Located at: 24035 W Lockport St, Plainfield IL 60544